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Have you heard of FOMO? It's a feeling of anxiety caused by the fear of missing out, and you may have experienced it when booking a hotel reservation. With so many websites claiming to have the "best deals" and "lowest rates," it's no wonder the average consumer looks at six different websites before deciding where to book. But if one site always had the lowest rates, wouldn't everyone just go there?

The reality is that hotel rates can vary from site to site and day to day, which can leave you feeling like you missed out on a better deal. That's where HotelSlash comes in. Created by the same team that started AutoSlash, a site that has saved travelers over $100 million on their car rentals since 2010, HotelSlash is a membership-based site that applies advanced algorithms to find negotiated, deeply discounted rates on over one million properties worldwide.

That’s just the beginning though. Hotel rates are in constant flux. After booking we constantly search for lower rates for the exact same property and room type you booked, and in some cases, we may even find you an upgraded room for less. It’s like price protection for your hotel booking!

Using HotelSlash is easy. Simply request a discounted rate quote for your desired destination, and in a few minutes, we'll send you an email with a link to the best deals available.

Already have a hotel stay booked? No problem! Just forward your hotel confirmation email to save@hotelslash.com and we'll get to work finding you a better deal (for refundable reservations only).

We look forward to saving you money on your next hotel stay!

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