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About HotelSlash

You may have heard the term FOMO, a state of anxiety caused by the fear of missing out. You may have felt that FOMO feeling yourself when booking a hotel reservation. It's estimated that the average consumer looks at 13 different websites before making a decision on where to book. Looking at the current landscape, it's not hard to understand why this is the case. Every site out there purports to have the "best deals" and the "lowest rates", but if that were really true, wouldn't everyone flock to that site to book instead of wasting hours of their time searching different sites to try to find the best deal?

The reality is that hotel rates can vary from site to site and from day-to-day. What if rates drop after you book? What may be a great rate today may not be the best rate tomorrow, or next week, or next month! Worrying about whether you got the best deal possible on your hotel reservation is classic FOMO. If only there was a better way...

Enter HotelSlash, a website designed to get you the best possible deal on a hotel each and every time. HotelSlash was built by the same team that started AutoSlash, a website that applies coupons and discount codes to get you the lowest rate on your car rental, and then tracks the price of your rental over time, notifying you anytime prices drop so you can re-book and save. AutoSlash is like price protection for your rental, and it has saved over one million customers over $50 million since it was founded in 2010.

HotelSlash helps travelers save money on their hotel reservations by constantly looking for lower rates. We offer negotiated, members-only, deeply-discounted rates unavailable to the general public on over one million properties around the world. HotelSlash applies advanced algorithms to find a lower price for the exact same property and room type you booked. In some cases, we may even find you an upgraded room for less!

Using HotelSlash couldn’t be simpler! Just forward the hotel confirmation email from the site you originally booked at (refundable reservations only) to, and we’ll do the work to find you a better deal.

Stop wasting your hard-earned time searching the corners of the internet for the lowest rate and avoid the FOMO. Let HotelSlash do the work for you. We look forward to saving you money on your hotel reservation!

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